*Gluten- Free Baking and what's in my cake Katarina Poletto shares her personal story of taking her food sensitivities and launching a gluten-free and dairy-free bakery- well, what can I say the rest is history. Move over Betty Crocker , as Katarina introduces you to her ready www.dolledupdesserts.com

*Antioxidant Secrets of Chocolate -Derrick Pho www.sambirano-technologycenter.com  discover health & tasting profiles with master chocolatier-

Derrick Tu Tan Pho is an esteemed Master Chocolatier who began his apprenticeship in Montreal, Canada. His passion and dedication led him to earn a diploma in Bakery & Pastry from the Institut de Tourisme et d'Hôtellerie du Québec (Montréal Culinary School) with a focus in chocolate, confectionary and ice cream. In 1989, Pho was the first to be awarded Apprentice Chocolatier of the Year and continued to excel in his field where in 1994 he was recognized as one of the Ten Best Pastry Chefs in Montreal. Further on in his career, he was a member of the gold-winning Team Quebec for the Frankfurt Culinary Olympics held in Germany. Team Quebec brought home gold for the categories of sugar, chocolate, wedding cakes and dessert presentation.  Pho also studied in France with the renowned Meilleur Ouvrier de France, MOF, Joël Bellouet and attended the prestigious École Lenôtre, Plaisir.
In 2005 Pho became the Director of the Chocolate Academy in Canada. He was also in charge of setting up the Chocolate Academy in Chicago, which opened in 2008. Pho occasionally does radio interviews across Canada and was recently a guest on BreakfastTV.  He was also featured in an episode of “Glutton for Punishment” on the Food Network Canada.

*Planning Ahead for Meals when juggling home & work-see what is new in deliverable healthy meals.

  Weekly menu, fresh quality products, delivery and I unleash my inner healthy chef. 

  Always fresh-always healthy choices.

UPBEETfood delivery & catering service, that was created to plant delicious vegan and gluten-free meals at your table

Carol Mark, CEO & FOUNDER Truth About Healthy Lives is a former health professional who after breast cancer decided that Health & Wellness are integral to living a full life.  She realized how important it is to share information and learn from innovators, leaders, scientists, nutritionists, artists, designers and physicians how to live healthier lives . She is the founder of Truth About Healthy Lives Conference.
Carol believes that eliminating sugar & sweeteners  is  central to maintaining robust health.  She is the creator of EmpowerT 
Carol is also a humanitarian who established the first girls library in Afghanistan with FemAid, artist & activist.

OPENING SPEAKER Robin Kay: Founder / Toronto Fashion Week
President / Fashion Design Council of Canada

Story of triumph- The year I was diagnosed was also the year of the first fashion week. 
"I will always recall Jeanne Beker and myself at the windy corner of Bay and Bloor laughing that my wig might fly off. Laughter.. in any dose is one of the best medicines!!"
As a self taught clothing designer in 1976, Robin Kay built a knitting mill , factory  and distribution center for her 22 retail stores and 600 wholesale accounts across North America. In 1999 as president of The Fashion Design Council of Canada , she established the first national fashion week in Canada growing it to become the 2nd largest in NA by 2012. Robin teaches the "business of fashion " globally while focusing on policy at a federal ,provincial, and municipal level to identify and endorse the fashion designer as a pillar of commerce and culture in Canada .Robin serves as a founder of the Commonwealth Fashion Council in London, England.

*Girls Just Wanna Box:
Kristina Ejem
Coach & Founder of Girls Just Wanna Box (GJWB)
Co-owner/Mgr Dir of Clancy's Boxing Academy
Quick boxing 101 on training like a fighter



Empower T no sugar, no sweetener plant based botanicals, 0 calories

*Health Benefits of Green Tea-Is it the secret for a long life?-Carol Mark, certified tea sommelier, former health professional demystifies why green tea is beneficial for health promotion including recent research on cancer, diabetes, and even weight loss. But most of all that it creates time for oneself, in a hectic  technological driven world to create calmness and decrease stress.
SHAKE IT UP-Lets make tea mocktails/cocktails!

Jenise Lee, Founder & CEO CertClean : Do You Know What You Are Putting On Your Face & Body?
CertClean  helps shoppers discover beauty and personal care products formulated without ingredients recognized to cause harm to human health. We will explore the world of healthy make-up with demos. Try on a newer healthier YOU! Then share your new selfie to win a prize.

Joanna Colville-Reeves, OND CNP NNCP Nutritionist & Chef : The role of healing foods for well being and breast cancer prevention.
Harnessing the power of whole foods for optimal health and vitality   
A diet would centre around healing, with foods that provide phytoestrogenic, gut supporting, high antioxidant, liver detoxifying support. Find out about healing immune boosting foods that includes a one day super diet recipe guide.

Pierre Chen , R.TCMT  R,AC (Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine):
Third generation traditional Chinese Medicine
Pierre Chen was born in Taiwan, and came to Canada alongside his parents in 1994.  Being in a lineage of Chinese Medicine doctors tracing back from his dadʼs side, it fostered and lead his interest during his growing adolescent years. He was fascinated watching his father use herbs and various natural and traditional remedies, treating patients with difficult diseases who came to visit his family. This interest guided him to learn and foster his knowledge through training both here in Canada and also in his native Taiwan, and China. His greatest passion and dream is to bring Western and Chinese Medicine together, to find a more effective way to help patients with modern diseases through the collaboration of both branches.

To further this dream he has started CCTCM (the Canadian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Mississauga) with his familyʼs help. Here he brings a more traditional and original view of Chinese Medicine from his years of schooling abroad. His school also dedicates to a more hands and clinical approach towards learning the Medicinal arts, where practical and hands on skills are taught equally alongside academic subject.  

Shannon O’Hearn: Cannabis 101 -Everything You Want To Know About Cannabis & Healing Based On Scientific Research.www.medreleaf.com

Shannon began working with MedReleaf in 2014, as one of the first members hired to provide patient services. She helped coordinate and oversee development of the Patient Care department, which now services thousands of patients across Canada. She now works as the Project Manager of Clinical Research at MedReleaf, and works closely with other departments to coordinate project planning, protocol development, regulatory and ethics submissions, working relationships with external research teams, and other research initiatives sponsored by MedReleaf. She studied Life Sciences at Queen’s University and following that completed a Master’s of Science in Clinical Research Administration. 

Keith Beckles, VP :Technology Saving Your Life
Tap2Tag Medical Alert

Technology costing the cost of a cup of coffee to save your life- you need it!-Wearable Technology.
Tap2Tag uses the same technology as your debit card when you pay for your coffee in the morning. Just tap your NFC (Near-Field Communication) enabled phone or tablet against your device to activate the secure cloud based network used to store your information. The benefits of this device is that the user has the ability to upload as much or as little medical information as needed to their profile. If there is ever an emergency, First Responders have the ability to gain access to vital information that may be used to save your life or that of  loved one.

Dr. Nadia Saleem, BSc Hon, ND : Womenʼs Health, the challenge of hormonal balance, health & fertility.
Dr. Nadia Saleem is a Board-certified Naturopathic Doctor from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine practicing in the Greater Toronto Area. She is passionate about working with women of all ages to gain better control of their hormones, their physiology and every aspect of their well-being. She believes in a strong collaborative approach with the women she works with, teaching and empowering them on how to improve their health and the health of the future generations. She is an avid writer, speaker and educator in the community.

Janet Jacks, authour : The Amazing Power Of Food
Janet Jacks is the founder of Goodness Me Natural Food Markets, author of Discover the Power of Food (Canadian Bestseller), as well as a health and wellness educator and motivator. Health is her passion, and she lives each and every day sharing this with every person she meets. Having opened the business over 30 years ago, Janetʼs wealth of health knowledge has only increased dramatically, allowing her to serve her customers and family even better. Though she originally sought out health to heal her own family, thousands of people have now benefitted from her passion.
Janet teaches a number of different workshops and classes on a range of health topics, from Diabetes to Homeopathy to Adrenals and Stress. She also hosts her own radio show, Just For The Health of It, every Saturday morning at 8:00am on AM900CHML. Her radio show touches on a variety of health topics and features health experts and guests each week offering life-changing information. Janet never misses an opportunity to share her passion with others.

Perry Holman, Executive Director of the Vitamin D Society : Is It The Miracle Vitamin? , Sunshine and Vitamin D
Perry Holman is the Executive Director of the Vitamin D Society, a non-profit organization based in Canada. The Vitamin D Society is dedicated to raising the publicʼs awareness of the optimal Vitamin D levels of 100-150 nmol/L and the health benefits this provides. The VDS also funds valuable Vitamin D research and organizes and sponsors Vitamin D symposiums across Canada. Perry has been immersed in vitamin D for the past 6 years and has over 25 years of experience in the marketing and advertising field.

Dr Raymond Rupert : Preserving Healthcare for Better Outcomes
Advocacy Drives Patient Outcomes.

Raymond Rupert MD. MBA is an expert in real time medical intervention. Since the early 1990's, Dr Rupert has worked with clients throughout Canada who have complex and very complex health problems. The processes that have been developed by Dr. Rupert assist his teams in providing high quality case management and advocacy services for patients with a broad range of health issues.

Leila Springer, Founder & Executive Director of The Olive Branch, breast cancer support for Women of African-Caribbean Heritage: the importance of advocating for yourself.www.theolivebranch.ca
Advocating for breast cancer support locally and global.

*Designing Your Home & Bedroom to Promote Health & Beauty
  Samantha Sannella, BFA, ID, M ARCH 

Ms. Sannella currently consults as an advisor to numerous organizations including municipalities and real estate developers.  She is expert at organizing teams and developing/driving strategies for optimal solutions.  Her current work includes architectural and planning strategy, design, programming, scenario development, financial modeling and conceptual design.  She teaches part time at Ryerson University. Samantha writes the Architecture/Design Forum for Reno and Decor Magazine is published 6 times per year.

* Donna Oliver  MQT Master Instructor, Tai Chi and Meditation Centre, www.powerofbalance.com
Qigong (Chi Kung) is a mind body branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a wide range of benefits that modern Research is verifying on an ongoing basis. Medical Qigong for Self Healing empowering the individual.
Start off the day with self empowerment of the mind, spirit and body at 8:15 am.

The Centre offers courses and classes to help you get and stay healthy using traditional non-invasive Chinese mind-body disciplines that address the root of illness and dis-ease. Join us and learn simple, yet effective "feel great" moves keep your mind and body healthy.



enchant, tantalize, surprise your taste buds!

 Speakers-Vendors   Gallery

gryllies  is the innovative next-generation protein. Crickets are easy to eat, lean clean protein and sustainable. Try the pasta sauce & enjoy this taste sensation. Meet the founders and ask them why?

* XOXO Fitnesswith Sophia Wright at 8:30 am as she starts with her warm-up, dance moves & cool-down all in 20 mins. Get up & personal to chat about her fabulous boot-camps and fitness tips.

*Discover Colouring Mandelas as mediatative & a stress releaser!

  Take a break during the sessions and try out our meditation colouring table. Put your thoughts and stress on hold.

*Art & Healing & Vitality Of Life - www.factoronto.org
Art Exhibit Curated By FAC , open call for art & sale . 20% sales donated to FoodShare.

Toronto Bee Rescue is unique as it is dedicated to the humane removal and relocation of established honeybee colonies within the Greater Toronto Area. But they also sell unique products such as honey & vinegars.

*ANUteaches you how to transform your skin, assisting with dryness, eczema, and other  challenges while promoting soft, smooth, beautiful skin. www.thewayofshea.com

Malty & Hoppy Delicacy , www.maltyandhoppydelicacy.ca Francoise is the owner and head cook at Malty & Hoppy Delicacy. A woman with a strong academic background in the area of human nutrition,  Francoise has decided her time to make a dramatic change in her life, leaving her passion for good food and gastronomy to be the leading force into her professional life. Her objective is to bring culinary alchemy to the kitchen and a combination of delicious flavors to your table.

* Natural Safe Make-Up & Demo www.marienatie.com
All natural cosmetics line made with natural oils and natural minerals. Makeup products formulated without all of the toxic chemicals.
Get made up with our experts & learn about healthy benefits.